Are you tired of trying to figure out your hair? You've spent countless hours on Youtube, you already KNOW if you're 3c or 4a, you've tried countless products, but you can't retain length, continue to go backwards, or you keep getting stuck? Well, this course is for you! There simply aren't enough courses specific to textured hair outside of Youtube videos that help you with THEIR hair, but not yours.

Deemed a "hair nerd," I've spent the past 12 years mastering healthy hair techniques and the past 5 building The Replenish Salon brand (the number one rated natural hair salon in Atlanta, GA). I work with SO many unique textures daily and have never been the stylist that is only about a pretty style. In my chair, I educate clients on a deeper level and help them develop a regimen for their hair, which when followed ALWAYS produces results. All of my clients leave with a healthy hair prescription, and I've been looking for a way to share this with others.

This course is packed with quality and details to help you understand the elements of hair and how you can finally create a regimen that is specific to YOUR unique hair elements to help manage your hair better and finally retain more length!

If you're looking for the details you've been missing to finally learn how to have healthy hair and retain length, look no further!


Textured and healthy hair is my passion. It is never too late to turn your hair journey around as long as you are ready to be commited to a new journey, consistency, and patience.

This class is for YOU!