Are you a stylist that is ready to change your cosmetology career by making a six figure income through quality, healthy hair and color services SPECIFIC to clients with kinks, coils, curls, and waves? Or perhaps you're a client that is confused by Youtube and wants to truly learn how to understand your hair and take care of it in the midst of your stylist visits?

Let me help you take your career and hair journey to the next level with 


My courses and content are most effective for stylists or clients who are one or more of the following:  

  • Want to learn the key ways to retain clients and have a long-lasting, stable career
  • Want to unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose within their cosmetology career 
  • Want to increase their knowledge in order to make 6 figures behind the chair 
  • Are feeling "stuck" and considering another career path  
  • Want to take their already booming career up a notch!
  • For clients: Want to learn some key tips to truly maintain hair at home in the midst of some TLC from some great stylists (let's dispel some youtube myths!)
  • For clients: Want to narrow down your options of stylists to truly help you on your journey (trims and treatments are key!)
Yes! I'm ready to learn!




My courses and masterclasses are tailored to you! I want to provide stylists with a lot of detail and insight into how to truly create a stable career while doing hair, which is what we LOVE! Outside of the foundation of healthy hair first, color is my personal specialty of choice, so some of my masterclasses will revolve around balayage and color techniques to increase the complexity and uniqueness of your specialties, along with behind the scenes business, marketing, healthy hair, and client retention tips. 




I'm a stylist, so of course I feel you still need a good stylist in your life for check ins, but my goal is to help provide you with a network of great stylists to choose from and really great tips to help you determine: signs of a great stylist, red flags, and many tips to help you with the maintenance of your hair and length retention at home. A lot of my clients only visit about 3-4 times a year, so I do know that having good knowledge at home is needed. Youtube is not always the answer. Let's dispel some 4abc myths!


Hi, I'm Brandy! Also known as "Hair Dr. B." I'm a super detailed hair stylist that helps clients creative regimens and get them actual health and length retention results. I don't just talk about what I will do, I DO IT. I LLOOOVVEEE color and have proven that it can be done without destroying the hair and curl pattern, but there is knowledge and science behind that. 

I grew up in a small town in SC, often misunderstood, but with big dreams. I graduated high school with the most scholarship offers in my class and multiple full rides, but really didn't even know what I was going to college for. 

I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2005 to attend Spelman College on a full scholarship. After much turmoil of trying to figure out my analytical side vs my creative nature, I "dropped out" after 2 years (not recommended for all!), graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta with honors, and started doing hair 12 years ago. (In 2015 I finished my studies with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University).

Lets make a long story short, you can read my full story on my website. I was once a very defeated stylist that felt like I couldn't make it in Atlanta, especially with a full family. I now Co-Own one of the top rated natural hair salons in Atlanta, Replenish Salon , am currently working on a natural hair care line, Naturally Replenish, I stay booked approx 2-3 months in advance, and I make over 6 figures DOING WHAT I LOVE for less than 30 hours a week AND getting off at 3-4 pm! And my story is just beginning...

If you follow me on instagram, you know that none of this is to brag, but it is to motivate you so you know that IT CAN BE YOU TOO! God always works it out. I'm a tough love teacher that gives my all in details and quality to students and clients. Let me help you learn from my mistakes and successes!

I'm truly ready to learn! Let's do this!


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